produzione e vendita di caleidoscopi di qualita

Kaleidoscope Aleph trade mark - hand made in Italy

Kaleidoscopes... we make them.

These pages hold the answer to the frequently asked question: Where can I buy quality kaleidoscopes?

Invetro manufactures kaleidoscopes of all types and prices.
Beautiful and refined instruments for looking into and letting your imagination run free.

In our catalog you will find the gold, silver, leather/ wood and paper collections: from the small toy kaleidoscopes designed for children to the wonderful assembly set for enthusiasts or the unique examples, some even with a double eyepiece, created to be shared with a loved one and together rediscover a world full of emotions and make-believe.

Corporate gifts, personalized kaleidoscopes are proposed to those companies who wish to include in their business communications a quality gift. We can work together to meet your individual requirements based on your ideas and create an original and prestigious present, that can be personalized both inside and out. Not the usual common gadget, but a lasting object that as well as being recreational, has an additional cultural value and will not be forgotten over time.

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