“We are the kaleidoscope specialists”………

it sounds like a slogan but in fact it is a way of describing in a few words our
twenty year experience in the production of ‘instruments for viewing beautiful shapes’, that is to say: kaleidoscopes.

Today Caleidoscopio Aleph® is a registered trademark.
It is an unusual and original gift: an intelligent and imaginative way
of communicating. Its extraordinary versatility means that it can be
found in many different fields: gift items, corporate and promotional gifts, museum merchandising, collectors items, games and toys.

The first kaleidoscopes produced by Invetro saw the light, so to speak, in 1989, but the Company’s origins and artistic creations date back much further. The colours, transparencies and transformations of glass and mirrors, have always been our vocation that began in 1976 with the production of artistic glass ornaments. From the initial creation of glass windows and restoration soon we moved on to the production of mirrors and finally to lights. (see some examples no longer in production):.

These pages illustrate the Aleph collection: our varied and numerous interpretations of the ancient game, yet always with a common theme: the creation of high quality kaleidoscopes, beautiful and refined, both inside and out.

NOTE: Some of the kaleidoscopic images that you will find on the website are to illustrate what can be seen inside our kaleidoscopes but are very different from the magic of the elusive images and chaotic illusions of an actual kaleidoscopic view. Fortunately, these emotions belong to each of us and cannot be represented here!